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The Unfurling by Nimah Nawwab

The Unfurling
Poems by Nimah Nawwab

Paperback, 120 pages
ISBN: 0-9701157-9-2
Price: US$14.95

  The Unfurling
Poems by Nimah Nawwab

The first Saudi Arabian poet to be published in the United States, Nimah Nawwab has travelled and read her works across the breadth of America and throughout the world - from Japan to England.

Her poems address the universal themes of love, place, tradition and loss that make the differences between people of all cultures so insignificant compared to what they share in common.


Nimah Nawwab's poetry sings - a vibrant confident voice, true to her traditions, and optimistic for the future of all people. The words and phrases clink and tingle like silver and gold coins. The rhyme and rhythm of her adroitly crafted "verb clusters" ring melodiously. When Nimah reads her poetry, both word and image perfectly match, resonating with confidence, cascading down upon the listener like a waterfall. Also gratifying to the eye, the mosaic of images from poem to poem blend and flow into each other like masterpiece watercolor paintings…

–Jack Cook, Educator

Here is the remarkable poetry of a Saudi woman, living deeply rooted in the Arab world, possessing the widest possible horizon of education and travel, writing in literary English and expressing a highly individualized consciousness that is both Arab and cosmopolitan, both Islamic and liberally humanist. Keep your eye on the emerging work of Nimah Nawwab!

–Mohja Kahf, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, Department of English, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville