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Vintage Movies at Selwa Press

Begins on the outskirts of Riyadh in 1938 and then travels to a date oasis in Qatif where the palms are being harvested. It ends in Marat where camels are being loaded with fodder.




A baby camel takes it's first steps in the desert with Khamis bin Rimthan and then we see camels in Bahrain and the heart of the Bahraini suq in 1938.





Driving 1936 Ford pick-up trucks and sedans, a field party explores the Rub' al-Khali. A locust swarm seems like a good way to feed the chickens and ducks, Shauby eats a few and Jerry Harriss unfurls a hedgehog.

At the great dune of Ain Muhibbi, Max Steineke assembles the men to seek the Eastern-most edge of the concession at the dune-suffocated oasis of Jiwa, about 100 miles north of present day Shaybah. The field season ends on the beach at Selwa.


In 1953, Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud passed away and his son, Saud, became the king. This clip begins in Jeddah and ends with H.M. Saud's visit to the Saudi-Iraqi neutral zone at the year's end. Filmed by George Mandis.





Pearl divers hard at work over a reef in the Gulf, 1938. Note how the sailors propell the ship forward by pulling on the anchor rope.





It's 1938 and a few American oilmen leave al-Khobar for Bahrain to do some shopping, visit the fresh water of an ancient spring and witness an exhibition of Bahraini stick fighting.

Click on the boat to see Bahrain as it was nearly 70 years ago.



Royal Visit ~ 1939

April 1939, HM Abdul Aziz ibn Saud with his son, Saud, visits Ma'aqala enroute to Ras Tanura.





May 1st, 1939, The king inspects Ras Tanura and inaugurates the loading of the first tanker of Saudi Oil.





Guest Contributor

The Whirling Dervishes of Aleppo, Syria filmed by Doug Webb of Poway, California in 1993.